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May 11th, 2014 is shutting down on May 25th.

When my brother Max and I set out to make tournaments more accessible in 2010, we never expected the project to be so successful. After thousands of tournaments, 100,000+ players, and 385,546 tournament registrations, it is time for us to move on. There are too many stories to share here, but we will always be grateful for the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of competitive gaming communities, tournament organizers, volunteers, coaches, shout casters, and gamers from all over the world.

While Z33K has always been free, we do not have time or resources to actively drive the project forward. If someone is interested in taking over the project, feel free to contact

Lane and Max Founders


Mode of Play 1v1 Starcraft 2, Single Elimination Tournament
Start Date Sun Dec 30, 6:00pm PST / 9pm EST / Mon 03:00 CET (1years 8mo ago)
Checkin Starts 30 min before start date (5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST / 02:30 CET)
Players 38 / 64 - Bracket
Status Completed
Eligible Regions North America
Eligible Leagues Platinum, Diamond, Master
Admins Orphe (NA: InfCaluna.188), Dracorath (EU: Dracorath.203, NA: Dracorath.203), Crmorse, Colq (NA: COL.396), Infvampyworm (NA: InfVampyWorm.299), Inulex (NA: InuLeX.916), Thegoose (NA: goose.732)
Organizers Infinity Gaming
Prize Glory!!!

Match Schedule

RoundBest ofMap
Round 11WCS Entombed Valley - Blizzard
Round 21WCS Shakuras Plateau - Blizzard
Round 31WCS Cloud Kingdom LE - SUPEROUMAN
Quarter Finals3WCS Antiga Shipyard
Semi-Final3WCS Ohana LE - IronManSC
Finals3GSL Whirlwind - WinparkPrime

Event Details

Welcome to Infinity Gaming’s A-Team Open, a Plats - Masters extravaganza!!!

Infinity Gaming's A-Team continues to provide you a friendly weekly venue for you to come out and show us your stuff. "But why?” you may ask. For glory!!! Not only is Infinity Gaming's A-Team looking for new members through this event but matches could be featured in Infinity's Top 5 and on their YouTube Channel. As a competitive team, Infinity's A-Team offers development opportunities for our Platinum and up community members in the form of practices, coaching, strategies, and more. Join us for our weekly open tournament and show us your best.

Map Pool - First match must be on the appropriate map for that round. After the first match, the loser picks the next map from the below pool:

Ø WCS Antiga Shipyard (4)

Ø WCS Daybreak LE (2)

Ø WCS Entombed Valley (4)

Ø GSL Whirlwind (4)

Ø WCS Ohana LE (2)

Ø WCS Shakuras Plateau (4)

Ø WCS Tal'Darim Alter LE (4)

Ø WCS Cloud Kingdom LE (2)

Tournament Rules

o Finals: The finals will be set up and observed by an Admins and possibly other members of the Infinity Gaming Community (Admins may decline to enforce this rule)

o Size: Upon the discretion of the Admins and height of demand, this tournaments size may increase or decrease.

o Timeouts: A player may call a timeout during a game if needed, but if they do not return within a reasonable amount of time without properly informing the other player, the player waiting will be awarded with an automatic match win.

o Cheating: If a player is found to be cheating (mineral or map hacks, watching the stream, using a smurf account, etc.), they will be banned from future tournaments and disqualified from this tournament. Things such as abusing known bugs will also result in short-term bans. Multiple offenses will lead to permanent bans.

o Disappearing/AFK: If for some reason a player doesn't show up to play in the first round he/she will be disqualified from that tournament. Time restraints are as follows: Once a round officially starts (or the bracket goes up), a player has 10 minutes before he/she forfeits the match. If the round is a best of three the player has another 10 minutes before he/she forfeits the series. Obviously we're willing to be reasonable for actual serious problems, but just disappearing with no warning, or refusing to play, is pretty bad manner and we don't like it. If someone must leave, the player they defeated in the previous round will be given the opportunity to play in their place.

o Conduct: Excessive bad manners (BM) such as noob bashing, hardcore raging, or racial slurs, etc is grounds for removal from the tournament.

o Rulings: All rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice at the discretion of an admin or tournament host.

o Streaming: Streaming is only allowed if both players agree and/or an Admin wishes to cast the match. All live streams are to have delay to prevent stream sniping.

Important Information

o Infinity GIaming’s Official Website:

o Starcraft 2 Chat Channel: Inf A-Team

Any questions or suggestions just let me know at


Infinity’s Morse, CSA

As a community driven organization, Infinity Gaming emphasizes on providing opportunities to its members with the goal of growing and developing into better gamers. These opportunities stem from connecting competitive and casual gamers together to play games, discuss strategy, practice, compete, relax, and enjoy the eSports scene.” - Infinity Gaming’s mission statement

* Infinity’s Top 5 is a bi-weekly Youtube post featuring some of the top plays our community comes across. By playing in this tournament, you give consent to Infinity Gaming to post your matches or portions of your matches on their Youtube channel and/or one of their member’s streams.



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