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May 11th, 2014 is shutting down on May 25th.

When my brother Max and I set out to make tournaments more accessible in 2010, we never expected the project to be so successful. After thousands of tournaments, 100,000+ players, and 385,546 tournament registrations, it is time for us to move on. There are too many stories to share here, but we will always be grateful for the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of competitive gaming communities, tournament organizers, volunteers, coaches, shout casters, and gamers from all over the world.

While Z33K has always been free, we do not have time or resources to actively drive the project forward. If someone is interested in taking over the project, feel free to contact

Lane and Max Founders


Mode of Play 1v1 Starcraft 2, Single Elimination Tournament
Start Date Sat Feb 16, 12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST / 21:30 CET (1years 6mo ago)
Checkin Starts 30 min before start date (12pm PST / 3pm EST / 21:00 CET)
Players 30 / 32 - Bracket
Status Completed
Eligible Regions North America, Europe, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Russia, South America
Eligible Leagues Any
Admins Xo gaming team (NA: xoninjamandj.814, EU: FteKDeejTrip.114)
Prize $5 + Invitation to $50 Tournament

Match Schedule

RoundBest ofMap
Round # 321MLG Akilon Wastes
Round # 161MLG Star Station
Quarter Finals3Howling Peaks - Blizzard
Semi Finals3MLG Newkirk city
Finals5Korhal City LE - Blizzard

Event Details

Event Details:

Team XO  Heart of the Swarm Open Qualifier Event;

$5 Dollar Prize + Invitation to $50 Dollar Championship Cup February 23rd!

Prize: $5 Dollars - Prestige within the E-Sports community -AND
TOP 8 Invited to $50 Prize Pool Tournament on Last Saturday the 23rd of February!

May be casted and streamed:

Stream Link:

Channel to join in game: xOpen

Your admins for this event: DanielThomas.526  ; 

Team XO
The Goal of Team XO is to provide the E-Sports community with weekly series of Heart of the Swarm Tournaments. Where the best of the best can come to show their  hardly earned skills and new timings! Show off your new builds and reign terror with new units! Compete for prestige within Team XO and the E-Sports community.                      Qualifier Event; Top 4 Invited to $50 Dollar Tournament last Saturday of February. 

The XO Team implores you to join us for the our third $50 Qualifier Event There is a deficit in Heart of the Swarm tournaments at this point in time; Well that changes now!  Team XO will  provide  a constant source of amazing  and innovative game play from the best in the world via streaming each event with casting!  The top 8 of this event will be invited to a $50 Tournament on the last Saturday of February! 
With your support Team XO can establish itself in the Heart of the Swarm community! Where we plan to stay and grow bigger with each event ...and  with your help of course!
Your Administrator
-Your Admin for this Event will be announced in the Hots In-Game Channel: xOpen  -before the tournament begins and listed on the tournament info page. 
-This declared admin will decide with absolute authority which games will  be casted; although feel free to ask if you would like be considered;  
 *As well as Hold  your round (x) game; so that it  that may be used as back up' to ensure a smooth downtime free event.. 
    *Basically ...this is an extra chance to get casted based on the current situation of our bracket; Although: at any given time during the waiting period or         'back-up' you may be asked to play immediately; and the Admin will leave your lobby; Then your Start Round (x) Game. 

Please respect your admin! When messaged please respond promptly and politely and follow any instructions. In This way Team XO encourages a professorial yet fun atmosphere for the players and the viewers. 
When To Start Games & Important Information
-Your Admin will inform all players via in-game chat when they may play their Round "x" games and also when they must hold their Round "x" Games. 
-Any issues with players who have not shown up, BM, or any general Inquiries : Please message the Admin in game for assistance.
-By Signing up for This Tournament you agree to be casted at any point so please be aware of messages from your admins!
-You are only allowed to sign up for this tournament until the scheduled starting time of said event; And must CHECK IN - 30 Minutes before the event.

Game-play & Contacting Your Opponent 
-When the brackets go live please try to contact your opponent and set up your game lobby on the correct map for the current round but Do NOT Start until given permission from your Admin.
-If You are unable to contact your opponent and they are NOT in-game Channel: xOpen
  *Inform the Admin immediately where then 15 minute time allowance will be given before Disqualification.
     **Do NOT report forfeit of your opponent; this may only be completed by your Admin after the allotted time has passed.
-Winner's of their matches or series are obligated to upload all said replay to the Z33K event page: If you are having trouble please ask your Admin:
-You may not play your round (x) game without the previous rounds replay(s) having been successfully uploaded to Z33K Via the Match-Up Page; Unless R1;   * And the permission / release of  round (x) directly from  Your Admin via HOTS  in Game Chanel: xOpen
-If any opponent disconnects within the first (5) Minutes of any said game; Then it must be replayed immediately; With your admin present to start the match;
  *If Dispute Occurs : Replay(s) MUST be reviewed and analyzed where after your Admin will make his FINAL decision which is Absolute;
-Bad Manner will NOT be tolerated and may result in warning / and or BAN from this even series. If Occurs: Inform Your Admin immediately. 
* If Bad Manner occurs; Please take screenshots for verification reasons; then send to your admin.

Map Pool

Star Station , Howling Peaks, Akilon Wastes, Hunting Grounds, WCS Cloud Kingdom, WCS Daybreak , WCS Antiga Shipyard, Newkirk City, Korhal City

- The above Maps are all valid choices for any Best of 3 Series: The map will be chosen Via Loser's Pick: No Map Veto & No Repeat Maps in any Series

Other Important Information
- Players MUST use the race originally signed up with on; 
-Those races may be changed ONLY until the point of tournament start.
-All Leagues shall be able to participate in this event: Team xOpen Weekly Tournament. 
-Race-Picking is NOT allowed; Please be aware that ANY games played with different races to the original z33k account that has been signed up with
  *Those games shall be  counted as Forfeited - 
-If Round (x) Game played out of turn or rather without being released by your Admin In HOTS Game Channel: xOpen
 *Then; It is mandatory for said Round (x) games to be replayed and the round (x) game started without the  release of  your admin shall not count!
-Rules are liable to Change at any given time! Please be aware that: By signing up to play this event: Team XO Heart of the Swarm Open Tournament 
 *You agree to all above terms and conditions and shall abide by any decision given from your admin.

                                                                               The Most Important Thing of All
-Have a great time! Try to learn something new from your peers. 
-Enjoy watching the stream and taking part in this newly forming community. 
-With help from all E-Sports Enthusiasts this weekly series Team XO Heart of the Swarm Open Tournament; 
 *Become part of a new community;  with friendly enthusiastic casters , players of every skill level are welcome!
-If this event series is successful then prize pool money will be allocated and shall GROW as the tournament itself does; Another reason to play every week!

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand all the above terms and conditions. We hope you enjoy your tournament experience!

                                                   Brought to you by:
                                               Team XO
      XO-Dan ; XO-Tac ; 

Disclaimer: Z33K admins are not responsible for community-run tournaments