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CS Source (CSS) question

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I was wondering if any knew where I could find a popular Counter-Strike Source community or league thats still active?

If you happen to know please let me know :)

gotfrag and other esports news organizations for CSS are completely gone.

Anyone have an idea?

I do recall CSSMixes still existing
Not sure how active it is since it’s been ages since I played CSS.

h4sh 231 post(s)

You might want to check some BIG sc2 clan , few of them have CSS team and participate to cups ( 1 or 2 random name , , etc etc etc )
You could also check
But indeed it’s a good idea to slowly come back on CS specially with CS GO in preparation (cs 1.6 > CSS , just saying ^^ )

Thanks for all the suggestions :)

Lux 569 post(s)

1.6 ftw :)

Yeah haha its awesome :D