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Tactical Carnage is Recruiting

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Teams/Clan Info
Server: NA
Team Name: TC ( Tactical Carnage )
Leader/Managers TL ID: TacSecret
Clan Channel: Tactical Carnage

TacSecret.667 – Clan Leader
Vizva.523 – Competitive Team manager
General Team League Level: Platinum to High Masters
Race(s) you are looking for: ALL

Current Goals: Team Sponsorship, Cash prizes & Hardware give aways, Filling Competitive Team spots

Goals Achieved Thus far:
Competitive team formed
Academy Team formed
Clan Wars
Tournament hosting
Live streamed Events

Other: Tactical Carnage is a Large multi-platform gaming community with a strong dedicated player base in SC2. Being part of such a large gaming community gives us advantages and opportunities not readily available to most SC2 clans. So if your casual player just looking to improve, or a skilled gamer looking for competitive gameplay. Visit our channel or check us out @

External Community Website(s): Follow us!