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Zamboni Gaming

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Zamboni Gaming is very proud to announce the creation of our website!

We also have forums located at:

Please join in our chat! We love to here from you just to chat, or to talk about new tournaments through the Melee Tournament series, or challenge us to a clan battle.

We are a low level clan, seeking members. (You do not have to be a clan member to join the forums). Our goal: Have the most fun possible, and improve along the way!

Current membership:
ZamKingelman (Platinum- Zerg)
ZamEchoNN (Silver- Protoss)
Meristematic (Gold- Terran)

Other Members:
EYEofDARKNES (Platinum- Zerg)
ZamTeddyG (Gold- Protoss)
ZamMars (Gold- Zerg)
ZamPathogen (Bronze- Terran)